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Introducing Wheelhouse

Wheelhouse is a cloud-based platform that brings operations and commercial logistics together in a modern and user-friendly interface. Focused on commodity-based industries, VantEdge is digitizing movements and automating processes so you can focus on your business and your customers while we manage the very manual processes of getting your products to market. 

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Who Should Use Wheelhouse?

Facility Owners

Producers & End Users

Trucking Companies & Drivers






Why Use Wheelhouse?

Wheelhouse provides one source of digital truth for all parties privy to the information. Providing
operational and commercial data/solutions in this fashion does the following:

Improves Efficiencies

Smooth out your operations. Free up operators to focus on the business. Automate manual tasks.
Improve safety onsite. Communicate with truckers, railroads, head office, and customers in a seamless
and integrated fashion.

Lower Costs

Centralizing data to be consumed by approved parties will improve accuracy of data, reduce manual entry, speed up payment cycles, improve user experience. Grow your business without having to add additional overhead

Improves Safety

Safety starts with planning. Good planning reduces errors and overall activity onsite at any given time.

Improves Environment & Social governance

Schedule and optimise rail and truck loads to ensure all movements are completed quickly and efficiently. Reduce activity around your site and the community in which you operate. Drive efficiencies in your business that directly relate to the environment in which you operate.

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