VantEdge Logistics Inc.

The Modern Solution to Industry Problems

Modern Solutions to Industry Problems

VantEdge Logistics is a group of industry experts looking at  industry problems from a new perspective. Through the use of technology, we see creative and efficient ways to generate savings and streamline processes.

What We Do Best

VantEdge Logistics supports key Industries by specializing in the spaces not core to our business partners. Creating a fee for service business model allows our partners to focus their resources and capital on their core service areas and thus maximizing their success.

At VantEdge, our core business circles around Logistics solutions for the Energy Industry. With a team that brings over 35 years of industry experience to the table, we provide simple solutions key to the success of our partners.

Logistics Solution

Focusing on truck and rail shipments, VantEdge Logistics prides itself on identifying areas of friction in the marketplace and creating solutions that allow companies to focus on their core competencies. From managing the flow of information around railcar moves more effectively, to creating tools that enable stakeholders to move product and organize shipments more efficiently, VantEdge’s logistics platform will improve business processes across the industry.¬†

The VantEdge Advantage

Simplify Process

Add Value

Improve Performance

Our solutions are designed to simplify everyday redundant tasks in your business by integrating automation, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency.

Our solutions provide valuable insights into your business, allowing you to plan ahead and prepare for the ever-changing landscape.

Our solutions provide greater insights into your existing business and areas of risk allowing you to make real-time decisions with immediate and relevant information.