TerminalBOSS™ delivers enterprise-class automation solutions for truck and rail terminal applications and …
Accurately manages workflow at truck and rail terminals using API (American Petroleum Institute) compliant volume calculations, electronic ticketing, product allocations, and inventory balancing.
Electronically delivers transaction data to corporate administration and accounting systems to help optimize terminal performance, mitigate regulatory risks, and increase asset returns

Integrated Terminal Automation and Measurement Solutions

TerminalBOSS - Feature Details

Diverse application experience

Including light to heavy crude oil emulsions, diluent, dilbit, wastewater, liquid N2, liquid CO2, ammonia, NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), LPG (liquified petroleum gas)

Midstream and upstream application

Enable real-time inventory and allocation management

Real-time inventory and allocation management promotes fact-based business decisions

Audit trail allows historical review of transaction data

Facilitate enterprise-class scalability

Distributed architecture promotes simplified riser expansion

Promote safety and workflow management

Forced authentication restricts transactions to authorized personnel

Workflow management ensures proper transaction sequencing and eliminates costly clerical rework

GroundBOSS™ system ensures truck ground is secured prior to start of transaction

Mitigate legal and regulatory risk

Ensures credentials such as license, insurance and safety training are validated prior to access

Implements and verifies compliance with transport agency requirements

Compliance with API standards

Maximize asset return

Timely reporting and precise scheduling contribute to full utilization of corporate assets

High-accuracy measurement promotes revenue certainty

The TerminalBOSS Solutions:

Real time inventory mgt.,
Engineered measurement,
Allocation management,
Instruments/Coriolis meter,
API standard calculations,
Structural skid and building,
Driver Authentication,
Fire and gas detection,
Enterprise-class scalability,
GroundBOSS system,
Safety and workflow management,
Vessels, valves, piping