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Truck Solutions

Trucking is at the heart of every logistics company and comes with numerous challenges. Over the years,
trucking has remained largely untouched when it comes to technology and the large amounts of data
that must move with every load.

Improve throughput, Reduce emissions, Improve site safety, reduce trucks on the road

Reduce manual work, Manage driver workflows and site safety

Contract performance

Commercial and Operations have a real time view into customer/supplier performance

Make your plans and track against it

Wheelhouse – The VantEdge Trucking Solution

Truck Scheduling

Truck loading

actuals vs. planned

Large-volume shippers report many of the following challenges:

  • Frequent schedule changes

  • Large amounts of information to be managed

  • Manual keying of information

  • Minor errors on tickets

  • Challenges and delays matching information

  • Use of fax or insecure email to transmit key data

  • Delays sharing tickets with counter-parties

  • High effort managing and maintaining ticket records

Where is my load and when will it arrive?

Where and when does custody transfer occur? Let

TerminalBOSS look after this

Wheelhouse can automate virtually all processes related to a cross border moves

Store your BOL with your shipment so everyone can find it quickly if needed



ticket storage

custody transfer

Match offloads with incoming BOL’s. Report any anomalies vs. the truck ticket

tank/cavern balancing

Mass balance or delineation by customer. What is available in the system.

carrier insurance

Is the carrier covered? Is the driver? What about our site orientation?

Manage liftings daily, weekly, and monthly. Manage the good and the bad better.

truck offloading

contract performance controls

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3rd party portal

Customers download their data. Eliminate manual errors, improve payment cycles

commercial trading views

Traders have real time contract performance. Make better decisions sooner

Stay mobile, it’s the way of the world

handheld device ready

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