Mobile Platform

Wheelhouse Truck scheduling is a mobile platform that allows truck drivers and trucking companies within the Energy industry to book loading and offloading spots at facilities on the mobile app. Drivers specify the product they’re hauling, choose a facility, determine the date they’ll be there, and choose which open time frame works best for them. Drivers can edit or cancel their bookings at any time, and swap with other drivers without penalty. Drivers will also receive notifications when slots near to their bookings open up and when there are problems at the facility necessitating a change in the schedule.

Desktop Platform

The Wheelhouse Truck scheduling app is supported by a desktop platform for use at the physical loading and offloading sites. The operators are able to mimic the physical layout of truck risers in their facility, schedule hours of operation, book down time for maintenance & emergencies and view the schedule for loading & offloading. Operators can see which driver is coming in, what trucking company they’re driving for, and what product they are loading/offloading.


Facility Owners

Facility owners use Wheelhouse truck scheduling to provide truck drivers the ability to book within operator-designated available time slots. Facility operators set restrictions on when bookings can be made and can view who, what and when product is coming to their facility. Wheelhouse truck scheduling provides transparency to the business.

Producers & End Users

Producers & End Users use Wheelhouse truck scheduling in much the same way that Facility Owners use it – to plan when trucks come to the facility to pick up/drop off loads. Producers & End Users can use Wheelhouse truck scheduling to coordinate with other users on the platform to optimize when trucks are heading to and from facilities without revealing proprietary information.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies use Wheelhouse truck scheduling to optimize their fleets. Companies receive better insight into how busy certain facilities are and dispatchers can have control and book loading times for drivers if necessary.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers use Wheelhouse truck scheduling through the optimized mobile platform. Drivers easily select the locations and times where they need to be and receive notifications if changes need to be made. Drivers now have accurate information relating to when they will be able to load or offload their truck.


Reduced Emissions

When drivers know what time they are allowed at the rack, lineups of idling trucks decrease significantly. Rerouting trucks is significantly reduced.

Increased Safety

Reducing the number of trucks at a facility at any given time reduces the chances of an accident.

Lower Costs

Reductions in waiting times offer large cost savings ($120/hour of wait time) to producers. Less total trucks/trailers are needed to complete the same number of jobs.

Higher Efficiency

Structuring the trucking process can lead to higher throughput. Utilizing technology can make operations more consistent.