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About VantEdge Logistics

At VantEdge, we bring over 100 years of direct industry experience and innovative thinking, providing extensive knowledge and understanding of our Client’s business.

The Team

Our commitment to creating solutions that have a positive impact on our clients' respective businesses is unmatched. Leveraging our relationships and collective experience enables us to create partnerships that benefit the industries we work in. We are committed to developing solutions that are exceptional in quality and their ability to produce immediate change and results.

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Glenn Moore

President & CEO


Alex Gierus

Chief Technical Officer


Gabriel Hagg

VP - Rail Solutions

Glenn Moore

Glenn Moore serves as President of VantEdge Logistics Inc. and is responsible for the overall leadership and strategy of VantEdge’s operations and overseeing the day-to-day business activities. Glenn brings 20 years of midstream experience and logistics experience to the business and has been with VantEdge Logistics since its inception in January of 2020. Prior to founding VantEdge Logistics Glenn was part of technology start up business in 2017. Prior to this, Glenn worked in the Midstream Oil & Gas space with Plains Midstream Canada and Plains All American since 2002.

Gabriel Hagg

Gabriel Hagg is Vice President, Rail Solutions at VantEdge Logistics Inc. Gabriel is responsible for identifying opportunities for better rail informatics products, helping validate and guide their development, and expanding VantEdge’s customer base.  With an entrepreneurial background in real estate development in Canada and the United States, Gabriel adds a unique perspective to the creation of business value from concept to completion.  In addition, he brings board-level experience to the team, having chaired the provincial arm of a national charity, as well as serving on investment management and public utility boards for more than a decade. Gabriel joined VantEge in early 2021, recognizing the potential of the enterprise envisioned by Glenn Moore.

Alex Gierus

Alex Gierus serves as Chief Technical Officer of VantEdge Logistics and is responsible for the technical visioning at VantEdge Logistics and leads a team of 8 creative and committed developers and project managers. Alex has been with VantEdge since its inception in January of 2020. Alex comes from a wide-ranging legacy of success driven businesses in the private, public, and government arenas. His most start up venture was focused in “Trusted Dispatch” (TD). TD brings together truck drivers with customers that have long haul requirements. Trusted Dispatch is in the process of working with private equity to continue growing into larger markets.

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