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Rail Solutions

Rail logistics is a challenging and time-consuming component to the Energy Business. With current business processes, any increase in the volume of railcars (in or out) will mean an incremental uptick in manual processes, further straining current resources, generating more errors, and absorbing valuable time.

Large-volume rail shippers report many of the following challenges:

  • Frequent schedule changes

  • Large amounts of information to be managed

  • Manual keying of information

  • Minor errors on Bills of Lading (BOLs)

  • Challenges and delays matching information

  • Use of fax or insecure email to transmit key data

  • Delays sharing BOLs with counterparties

  • High effort managing and maintaining BOL records

Wheelhouse – The VantEdge Rail Solution

Capture, store, and reference commercial deals in one integrated system


Lay out your plan and track against it

Rail Loading

Optimize your loading

Loading information at your fingertips

Real time reporting

Make your plans and track against it. Or track railroads against their plans

Core to any rail logistics platforms. Where are my cars and when do they arrive?

How much does my fleet cost and how can I better manage it?

EDI communications to all class 1 railroads. Ship, divert


Wheelhouse can automate virtually all processes related to a cross border moves

Eliminate BOL entry while databasing your cars and storing PDF’s with your cars

Store your BOL with your shipment so everyone can find it quickly if needed

Fleet management

track and trace

BOL scraping

Railroad communications

Bol storage

Contract performance

Actuals vs. Planned

Deal Capture

Gauge lookups

Match offloads with incoming BOL’s. Set alerts for underloaded cars


Utilize forms to manage checklists and take pictures of cars for shipment or arrival

Mass balance or delineate by customer. What is available in the system

3rd party portal

Customers download their data. Eliminate manual errors, improve payment cycles

Rail offloading

Tank/cavern balanacing

Commercial trading views

Traders have real time contract performance. Make better decisions sooner

handheld device ready

Stay mobile, it’s the way of the world

Wheelhouse Efficiencies


 Reduction in time required to manage a rail shipment across the life cycle of a BOL.


 Increase in time available for scheduling staff to do value added activities.


Reduction in human touch points throughout the life cycle of a BOL.

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