Our Team

At VantEdge, we bring over 40 years of direct industry experience and innovative thinking, providing extensive knowledge and understanding of our Client’s business.
Our commitment to creating solutions that have a positive impact on our clients' respective businesses is unmatched. Leveraging our relationships and collective experience enables us to create partnerships that benefit the industries we work in. We are committed to developing solutions that are exceptional in quality and their ability to produce immediate change and results.

Glenn Moore - President & CEO

Glenn spent 15 years on the physical side of the Oil & Gas business primarily focused on the marketing and transportation of the LPG’s, NGL’s, and Crude across the North American markets prior to starting a tech business aimed at aiding the energy sector (VantEdge O&G Inc.) His various roles in the Midstream sector taught him to focus on customer success and “win win” scenarios with customers and suppliers alike. Glenn’s focus was on long term relationship development for the betterment of the business and the industry. 

Glenn recently served as President for just over 2 years at VantEdge O&G Inc. where they moved the business from idea, to design, to development, to commercialization and profitability in that time frame. VantEdge O&G Inc. specialized in Compliance and Logistics. Using his insight from his career Glenn was able to navigate the challenges of a start up business while managing a team as large as 8 people in the office, and a Board of Director numbering 5. Glenn’s passion lies in new business and constant improvement of existing business.

Breaking off from VantEdge O&G Inc. Glenn is now interested in putting all of his attention and efforts into the logistics component of this business and has purchased the intellectual property. Moore now serves as President and CEO of VantEdge Logistics Inc. and is responsible for the overall direction and success of the company. Strengthening the team and focusing our efforts on logistics alone is the first goal. Working with our strong customer base to determine the pieces important to them is the next step, and commercializing the business for further growth and success will round out the business and strengthen our customers needs. Glenn’s experience in the Midstream sector as well as the tech sector has given him the insight needed to identify areas of friction in the business and the opportunities to focus on.

Alex Gierus - Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Alex is an IT, finance, and public sector leader with broad experience from startup to enterprise to government in the areas of strategy, transformation, and management. His wide ranging legacy of success includes re-engineering the processes and operating software of a $2B revenue energy organization, overseeing portfolios of hundreds of major IT and engineering projects worth over $2B for a fortune 500 company, designing and developing the next state-of-the-art technology platform for an industry leading SaaS solution.

Throughout his career at leading organizations Alex has maintained that business success comes from driving value to the customer and recognizing that the business is entitled to share in that value. Massive step changes in value come from the application of breakthrough technologies, but many organizations miss out on value easily available through efficiency, tighter focus, better decision discipline, and more agile practices around their existing models. Alex is very passionate about pursuing all these ways to nurture success.

The single greatest asset to an organization is a committed, empowered, disciplined, and creative team. Processes can be efficient and robust, but a culture of personal ownership, competence, strong execution, and continuous improvement in all roles ensure outstanding performances over time. Alex is known for his ability to select, develop, and empower his teams to become highly effective.

Finally, Alex maintains many compatible interests in his personal life. He is on the board of directors of the largest physical science fair in Canada and oversees their IT infrastructure. He is also an investor in various ventures from tech to retail, and served on the boards of directors for two companies. He loves to tinker with robotics, AI, game development, and mobile apps with his family.

Alex holds an MBA in Technology Transfer and Finance from the University of Alberta, a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.