Local Producer Adopts Integrated Truck & Rail Terminal Solutions from Calgary-based Tech Company.

January 25th, 2021

Calgary, AB. – VantEdge Logistics Inc. (“VantEdge”) is pleased to announce that a local producer has/is adopting software solutions from VantEdge to facilitate truck and rail shipments at their Western Canadian-based gas plants and sulphur loading terminal.  VantEdge’s made-in-Calgary solutions will reduce overhead and increase efficiency at these facilities and within head office.

VantEdge’s multi-party digital logistics systems allow users to understand and manage their businesses in real time and with unprecedented accuracy.  Administrative work and costs are reduced while operators and decision makers get better, more timely information that leads to greater profits.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with local producers to assist with the significant logistical challenges faced every day in bringing energy and material products to the world through rail & truck transportation networks, says Glenn Moore, President of VantEdge Logistics.  “The support of Calgary-based companies provides a foundation for VantEdge to grow into larger markets across North America.”

About VantEdge Logistics Inc.

Calgary-based VantEdge Logistics is focused on the automation and digitization of the truck and rail logistics and the acquisition of TerminalBOSS in July 2020 reflects this mission.  In 2021, customers will see enhancements of this established, trusted terminal management platform, including integration with VantEdge’s own Wheelhouse logistics platform.

Focusing on truck and rail shipments, VantEdge Logistics prides itself on identifying areas of friction in the marketplace and creating solutions that allow companies to focus on their core competencies. From effectively managing the flow of information around railcar movements, to creating tools that enable stakeholders to move product and organize shipments more efficiently, VantEdge’s logistics platform improves business processes across the industry.

Follow on linkedin as we ramp up in 2021. Reach out if you would like to learn more about how we can help automate and optimize your business.

Glenn Moore

President – VantEdge Logistics